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Maximizing Your Keyword Research For AdWords

When starting with AdWords, it is incredible how many people do not take the time to do the proper keyword research. I know what it is like, you just want to get stuck in and start to make some money from your web site. However, if you dont do your homework, many of the keywords you choose will be useless or wrong. Worst still, you will leave hundreds of keywords uncovered that could make a big difference to the success of your campaign. The easiest way to remember how to do good keyword research for AdWords is too create a seed, then dig deep and go wide. I'll explain what this all means with examples in the rest of this post ... Plant Your Seed plant-a-seed plant-a-seed Keyword research always starts with a seed keyword and a good keyword selection tool. A seed keyword is any short, popular keyword that is related to your market. It is usually a single word or sometimes two that describes the service or product you are selling. For example, imagine you are running a small


Nairabet insures your accumulator bets. If one game of your ticket doesnt come through you will get a refund. If you’ve read some of our articles including our Nairabet review, you’ll know that we love bookies that provide punters with some sort of insurance, and Nairabet’s ‘one game cut your ticket’ is one of such promos besides its Nairabet bonus for accumulators. As the name indicates, it is a promo that enables punters to get a fraction of their supposed earnings even if one game on the ticket doesn’t come through. As always, the promo has minimum requirements that must be met. one cut refund nairabet © NairaBet ONE GAME CUT YOUR TICKET TERMS AND CONDITIONS For a ticket or bet slip to qualify for the promo, it must have at least ten games on the ticket and all the games or legs on the ticket must have at least 1.2 odds. If the games or legs on your bet slip are more than 10, please note that all of the games must have 1.2 odds as a minimum. That is, if you have 15 games on your

Why you shouldn't buy backlinks?

Buying backlinks is a practice which you may have heard of, but you might not know whether you should do it. Buying backlinks is a Black Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) technique — a way of cheating or misleading Google and other search engines so that your website is ranked higher than it deserves to. If you buy backlinks directly, you’re not doing off-page SEO right. If you pay for a service which helps you to generate exposure, awareness of your brand, and backlinks, that’s a little different. The idea that you can buy quality backlinks is also a popular one, but a backlink which is paid for directly has little to no quality in eyes of most search engines. Why You Should Not Buy Backlinks It’s a practice seen less and less on the internet, but directly paying for someone to link to your website is still done in some dark corners of the internet. Ever seen this advert before? Or perhaps something like it? Advertisement to buy high domain authority links Avoid this pop-up

5 Ways To Improve Your Current Website Traffic

Four million blog posts are published every single day. It goes without saying that improving your current website traffic is becoming an increasingly uphill battle. Getting high-quality traffic to stay and convert is even harder. But it isn't impossible! Countless websites break through the competitive noise every single day. In this article, you'll learn how you can too. Go all-in on mobile optimization With 52.2% of your website visitors arriving on their phones, neglecting mobile optimization is quickly becoming an unforgivable mistake. Does that look like a trend which will change any time soon? Not a chance. So you're convinced that more people are visiting your site from their mobile phones. But how does that affect your website traffic? Aren't they coming anyway? Why does it matter what device they're on and what they experience when they get there? Bounce rates. (The rate at which visitors leave your website without viewing a second page). There is a d

Embed links from Facebook and Istagram will break in october

Sometime time ago, Facebook announced that it would change the way it handles embeds on other sites. From October 24, you can no longer simply paste your links in WordPress to make your Facebook and Instagram content appear on your site. Because of this matter, WordPress has to drop support for the Facebook oEmbed API. Now, you have to switch to a Facebook developer account and register an app to get an access token. Luckily, there are easier ways to keep your embeds working. What will happen? Up until now, you could simply paste a link to a Facebook or Instagram post in your WordPress post. WordPress would take that URL and automatically turn it into a nice looking embed.  As of October 24 , this is no longer possible without some work from your end. Also, not doing anything might mean your current embeds stop working as well. There’s a chance some of the content you’ve embedded content on your pages breaks. Why is this happening? There is an open standard to make sure embeds work wel

Lagos imposes indefinite curfew to curb Nigeria protests as police deploy anti-riot squad

LAGOS — Authorities on Tuesday imposed a round-the-clock curfew on the Nigerian state of Lagos, which includes Africa's biggest city and the commercial heart of the country, in response to ongoing protests against alleged police brutality, which they said had turned violent. The national police chief also ordered the immediate deployment of anti-riot forces following increased attacks on police facilities, a police spokesman said. "The curfew will not end tomorrow. A 24-hour curfew means all round the clock, day and night. It is indefinite. Nobody moves until we lift the curfew," the Lagos state governor's spokesman, Gboyega Akosile, said. Citizens in the commercial capital urgently stocked up on food after the announcement. Staples such as tomatoes and eggs were sold out in some places, as markets closed and people queued at cash machines. GT Bank, one of the largest lenders in Nigeria, said all its branches would remain closed for the duration of the curfew. Thousan

Nigeria: The Need For An Ideological Re-appraisal, Why The Protests Must Continue, By John O. A. Adedeji

There are lots of issues that need to be addressed in Nigeria if we really want an egalitarian society. There are lots of evil being perpetrated in the nation. I always laugh when some misinformed people continue to say Nigeria is a giant of Africa. Yes, they may be right because Nigeria is giant in corruption, favouritism, nepotism, tribalism, non-challenge attitude to public amenities. I have a reason why the SARS protest and other protests must continue. These are the reasons: POLICE REFORMS The first is the way the Police is being treated in terms of remuneration; no motivation. I listened to the interview of a Police officer, a graduate in Elect/Elect; he was interviewed by NIGERIA INFO - LET'S TALK. He said, he has been in the Police service for seventeen years. His salary is just N53,000. He has refused to join his colleagues in collecting bribe. A graduate for that matter, receiving N53,000.00 after seventeen years of service; what of non-graduates? And you want them to fig

Don't Bet On Your Politics

Whatever your political beliefs, no matter how confident you are in them, do not invest according to those beliefs. You will lose money. The reason for this is that the political opinion becomes the ideological basis for an economic theory which, because it is based on an opinion, is by definition biased and leads to wrong conclusions. This is true whether you are on the right, on the left, or somewhere in between; it also applies if you identify yourself as far away from that spectrum entirely. In short, political bias is an investment bias that can and does lead people astray; to demonstrate the risks of this way of thinking, I want to highlight two very bad mistakes I have seen in my time active in equity markets, and how the political biases of these mistakes resulted in massive underperformance. The Mistake on the Right The best example of this at play was in 2008. At the time, libertarian thinkers believed that quantitative easing would lead to hyperinflation that would wreck the

Ballot breakdown: Amendments and Sports Betting Proposition

Voters consider seven constitutional amendments and a sports betting proposition in the Nov. 3 election.Amendment #1There is no specific mention of “abortion” in the Louisiana Constitution. A vote for Amendment #1 would change that, adding language that the right to an abortion is not protected in the state. A vote against it leaves the law as is.Abortion is protected by federal law. Unless the Supreme Court overturns the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, this amendment is largely symbolic. If justices allow the ruling to stand, Louisiana’s constitutional amendment could create legal battles that might ultimately involve the Supreme Court.Amendment #2Local property taxes on oil and gas wells have been a contentious point for parish assessors, who’ve battled with industry over whether their value should be based on their output or the value of the actual equipment. Assessors largely feel a newer producing well should be valued higher than one that’s abandoned or offline.Amendment #2 would

How many social channel one can manage well?

There are currently no responses for this sto I’ve read that the average person has 7 social media channels. I was surprised at that number as I’ve always remembered reading that one person could only manage 3 social media channels   well. (I’m not talking about having a social media channel where no update has been done in years.) That number of course is without using any social media scheduling or other tools to manage the social media. There are  at least 65+ social networking sites  worldwide today. Yesterday I was on a  T witter chat — #BizapalozzaChat  and many peeps were talking about spending 20–25 minutes on LinkedIn everyday. This got me to thinking: Is 30 minutes enough on each channel and if you have 7 channels that would be 210 minutes or 3.5 hours per day! Does the Social Media Channel Matter? If you spend 30 minutes a day on LinkedIn do you generate as much business or leads from spending 30 minutes a day on Twitter or Facebook? Oftentimes, I check my own blog stats and