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How To Check If Your NIN Has Successfully Linked To Your SIM (All Networks)

How To Check If Your NIN Has Successfully Linked To Your SIM For All Networks In Nigeria Has Been Shared By GoldenNewsNgg. Have you linked your NIN to your SIM card? If ‘yes’, then to be on the safe side, you need to check if your NIN has been successfully linked to your SIM. Here we will provide a guideline on how to check if your NIN has successfully linked to your MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile lines. Recall that the federal government has announced January 19 as a deadline for mobile network users in Nigeria to get National Identification Number (NIN) and link it to their SIM cards. For mobile subscribers that are yet to register for National Identification Number, the deadline set for them to update their SIM with NIN is February 9. So, as the deadline is fast approaching, check out how to link your SIM card to NIN for all networks. But if you have not gotten NIN, see the full list of NIN registration centres (for all states). How to check if your NIN has successfully linked to your SIM Below are the easy steps to check if your NIN has been linked to your MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile SIM card; How to know if you have linked your NIN to your MTN line The simple way to check this on MTN Network is to dial *785# After dialling the USSD code, it will display an option to enter your NIN. Enter your 11-digit NIN. After entering the number, tap “SEND,” button, it will display this message; “Yello! your NIN has been successfully received. Kindly note that this is subject to verification, as all NINs will be validated by NIMC. Thank you.” Note: If you are not sure that your NIN has been linked to your MTN SIM, try it again until you see the “successfully” message as shown above. How to check if you have linked your NIN to your Glo line Glo network sends a message to users whose NINs have been successfully received. Dial *109#, they will ask you to enter your 11-digit NIN, followed by your first name and last name. After that the following message will be displayed; “Dear esteemed customer, your NIN has been successfully received. Thanks“. Note: you can do this more than once if you are not sure if you have linked your NIN to your Glo line before. How to check if you have linked your NIN to your 9mobile line Dial this USSD code: 2008#. They show you two options whether you want to verify if you have linked your NIN to your 9mobile SIM or you just want to link it. Press “1” and SEND to verify. A message would be displayed that you have successfully linked your NIN to your SIM. How to check if you have linked your NIN to your Airtel line To check if you have successfully linked your NIN to your Airtel line, dial 1211#. Enter your 11-digit NIN and SEND. You will receive a message that you have successfully submitted your NIN to Airtel. Conclusion Once you receive message or notification from your mobile network that you have “successfully” submitted your NIN to them, you have nothing to worry about. The National Identity Management Commission, (NIMC) will verify the NIN, after which your mobile network will send message to you informing you that it is successful


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