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I Use This All-Natural Cleaning Paste On My Shower Floor, Kitchen Sink, Counters, and My Hands

OK, here’s a pop quiz for you: what do your hands, an eggplant, the floor of your shower, and the Pyrex dish you baked lasagna in last night all have in common? That’s right, those are all things you can safely and effectively clean using Scour Cleaning Paste from Humble Suds. And you can add tile and grout, the oven, apples, your feet, plates and silverware, and, of course, the kitchen sink to that list. Humble Suds Scour All Natural Cleaning Paste In fact, just about the only thing you can’t clean with this stuff is untreated wood, as the natural oils will seep in and leave a stain. But how much unsealed wood do you really have around the home, anyway? Scour is so safe because it is made of things that are easy to pronounce and not frightening, things like sodium bicarbonate (AKA baking soda), castile soap (AKA hydrolyzed coconut, jojoba, and olive oils), vegetable glycerin (again, a plant-derived oil), and orange and lemongrass oils. In fact, that’s the entirety of the ingredients.

This robot vacuum cleaner can clean your house for you

Imagine getting every floor in your house clean without having to lift a finger. That dream can become a reality with this amazing Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuum that also doubles as a mop and sweeper. The thin body makes it easy to reach anywhere in the house, from under the couch to the corner of the playroom. Thanks to a 1,600PA suction, this robot vacuum will get all your dust, dirt and other elements as it navigates your home. And, speaking of navigation, this vacuum knows its way around your home and can do so without issues. It features intelligent anti-collision technology to prevent it from colliding with furniture while cleaning, and also automatically retreats when hitting a drop of 8 cm or more, meaning your robot won’t go tumbling down the stairs. The device will work up to two hours on a single charge, meaning it will always be ready to clean when you call on it. And, it should never run dry, thanks to technology that automatically recharges itself if the power ever drops to

Tameside £500k cannabis farm discovered by police

Four men have been arrested after police discovered a cannabis farm capable of producing £500,000 worth of the drug. More than 700 cannabis plants were found by Greater Manchester Police in a disused building on a farm in Sunnyside Lane, Droylsden. The men were held on suspicion of cannabis production and remained in custody for questioning. Officers cordoned off the site following Tuesday's raid. Supt Paul Walker said concerns had been raised about the farm from nearby residents. Officers believe the site was linked to an organised crime group involved in drugs and people trafficking. Supt Walker added the operation made a "significant dent in the supply of controlled drugs" across the UK.

Cannabis Global to Begin Production of Northern Lights Branded Cannabis Products at Lynwood, California Facility April 1st

An innovation-oriented company involved in disruptive areas of the cannabis and hemp-related industries, today announces the commencement of production of Northern Lights branded cannabis products beginning April 1st. The Company recently acquired a controlling interest in Natural Plant Extract (NPE), a licensed cannabis manufacturing and distribution operation in Lynwood, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. Manufacturing at the facility will include several new lines of cannabis edibles and cannabis flower-based products. Arman Tabatabaei, CEO of Cannabis Global commented, "Several of the products we will be producing at NPE are based on unique technologies, including our inventions previously utilized for our hemp-based products. We also plan to utilize the new facility as a testbed to continue research and development efforts relative to our polymeric nanotechnologies, which are designed utilizing only natural ingredients. We feel strongly cannabis-related consumer markets wil

To provide electricity in Nigeria is not about technology, but about political will – Prof Ejiogu (2

In this interview with RAPHAEL EDE, a professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Emenike Ejiogu, who led a team of researchers that developed a power system that turns solid waste into gas, explains  the hindrances to effective power supply in Nigeria How did your team strike a deal with the UNN? We came to the UNN and said we could produce cheap source of gas. Now, I asked if they could please get a gas engine and they said they had a diesel generator. We said okay, give us this generator and we would modify it to run on gas. Let me give you an example so that you can get a gist of the whole thing. The UNN spends nothing less than between N70m and N80m a month on electricity. Now, if for example there’s a power failure, there are critical parts of the university that must have power. These are run on diesel. Let’s take for example what we have done here. There is a 500KVA generator that powers the whole of the administrative building, the library and the

Verizon reveals the shutdown date for its 3G CDMA network

Today, Verizon put a date on its intention to shut down its aging 3G network: December 31st, 2022. It's not just the end of the extremely widespread 3G system, but a watershed moment for Verizon, since its network began on CDMA technology when the company was first formed in 2000. Greater reliance on the GSM-based LTE network, and finally pushing more customers towards 5G, has let the company wean itself off of the outdated standard. Verizon originally planned to shut down 3G operations at the end of 2019, but extended it to 2020 and beyond in order to transition as many of its customers off older smartphone and networking hardware. It hasn't allowed the certification or connection of new 3G-only devices since 2016 in preparation. According to industry analyst OpenSignal, Verizon's 4G network covers 97.7% of its total coverage area as of January 2021, so it's possible that a few of the most rural Verizon customers may lose service after the transition. Verizon says that

Moonbug Entertainment Announces Major Expansion Across China With IQIYI and ByteDance

Moonbug has experienced tremendous distribution growth globally and last year established its footing within China. Moonbug's brands, which are focused on providing children with enriching content, have continued to grow in fandom and these new partnerships offer new in-market opportunities for the media company. "The expansion of CoComelon to China is the start of a new, expansive chapter for Moonbug and lays the foundation for future partnerships within the market," said Nicolas Eglau, Managing Director EMEA & APAC, Moonbug. "Our ambition is to ensure every child in China has the ability to connect with CoComelon characters through one or more of their preferred platforms." CoComelon teaches children how to take on everyday activities and role models positive behavior with a sense of enthusiasm. Kids can easily relate to the universal themes and everyday narratives such as eating your vegetables, learning to tie your shoes and getting ready for bed. With i

Register Your NIN with Glo Appointment Manager

Globacom, telecommunication solutions provider,recently launched Appointment Manager, an app designed to assist subscribers to book appointments online to register for the National Identity Number (NIN). Globacom said in a statement that through the app, subscribers are able to choose when and where to carry out the process of NIN registration devoid of stress. This will conserve their time and also simplify the registration process in a safe and COVID-19-compliant environment with fewer people in attendance. With the Appointment Manager, subscribers can choose the day, time and Gloworld outlet most convenient for them to visit for the exercise. To use the appointment manager app: Enter the URL on any browser and enter phone number in this format: 08050000000. Click on the date icon to select available dates for the month, select desired state, Glo world outlet and desired time. Verify you are a human with a number code on the app. Submit. Customers will th

The Kogi State Government has expressed readiness to start administering the COVID-19 vaccine to residents

. Earlier, Governor Yahaya Bello insisted that he won’t allow his people to be used as “guinea pigs by vaccine manufacturers”. . But the State commissioner for Health, Saka Haruna, told journalists on Monday in a telephone interview that Kogi will receive doses of the vaccine on Tuesday ahead of the rollout. He also said the residents will be given “unhindered access to receive the vaccine”. . Kogi is the only state yet to start administering the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine to residents three weeks after Nigeria began its rollout. . The National Primary Health Care Development Agency had attributed the delay to two factors – the state’s “concerns around the contradictory information about the vaccines” and the non-repair of its cold-chain store. . When the vaccine doses arrived in Nigeria, Bello who had repeatedly denied the existence of COVID-19 in Kogi, said the vaccination is among their least concerns. . “COVID-19 is just a minute aspect of what we’re treating in Kogi state. I’m not

World Idli Day: Dip Your Fingers In India’s Fermented Food Richness

NEW DELHI — Fifty-one-year-old M. Eniyavan from Tamil Nadu in South India said he owes his life to idli, fermented and steamed rice-and-black-lentil cake, and one of the most popular breakfasts in the country. “I was born to a very poor family with nine siblings in Coimbatore (in Tamil Nadu),” Eniyavan told Zenger News. “My father, who used to do seasonal manual labor jobs, found it difficult to feed his huge family. I went to school till class VIII mainly to get a free midday meal.” Life had other plans for him, of course. After working as a seasonal fruit seller and at a tea shop, he started driving an auto-rickshaw and met Chandra one day. “She used to make idlis. I sold her idlis to a shop once. Eventually, she got me a contract for idlis with which I was able to go to Chennai,” said Eniyavan. He started his idli business in the city in 1997, and since then, there has been no looking back. Today, Eniyavan can make over 2,547 varieties of idli. He supplies the dish to caterers acros

Startup Says It Can “Charge” an Electric Car In Under Ten Minutes

It's using a clever trick to recharge electric cars almost instantly. Ample Time San Francisco-based startup Ample has launched an electric car charging network that can provide a car with a full charge in less than ten minutes, Business Insider reports. Ample got on its feet thanks to a partnership with Uber. It’s currently in charge of charging the ride-hailing app’s fleet of cars in San Francisco. And now, seemingly, it wants to revolutionize the infrastructure of electric vehicles. Like Lego Rather than charging existing batteries, the startup is betting on battery-swapping technologies, a system likened to “Lego blocks” by CEO Khaled Hassounah. The company’s concept is entirely modular, meaning that larger vehicles can fit more battery modules, while smaller vehicles only need to swap fewer. The system is also entirely autonomous with customers only interacting with a smartphone app. Battery Swap The overall goal is to eliminate “range anxiety,” meaning consumer hesitancy caus