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This incredible new tech can recharge a smartphone in just 8 minutes

BGR Xiaomi 200W Battery Charging Speed The newest smartphones support insane charging speeds, both when it comes to wired charging and wireless charging. And as has been the case for several years now, Xiaomi is at the forefront of ultra-fast smartphone battery charging tech. The company unveiled wired charging speeds of up to 100W, with rumors from about a year ago saying that the Chinese handset vendor was targeting 200W speeds as the next major upgrade. Xiaomi has indeed developed the new technology, and it showed the new tech off to the world for the first time this past weekend. On top of that, Xiaomi also demoed its new 120W wireless charging technology that is faster than anything else available right now. Increasing the battery charging speed is one way to prevent “low battery” panic on modern phones. Handset vendors are reaching a point where the battery size can’t see significant physical capacity increases from year to year. Internal space inside smartphones is always at a p

worker meltdown raises concerns for welfare

In the clip, the unidentified man yells expletives and howls in agony as he drives into a lane and reverses the truck (TikTok) A viral video of an Amazon truck driver screaming at himself in his vehicle while driving away from a house has prompted an online debate about the treatment of delivery workers. In the viral video, which was originally posted on TikTok before being shared on Reddit, an unidentified can be seen having an emotional outburst in a prime truck as he drives down the street. The man yells expletives and howls in agony as he drives into a lane and reverses the truck. “This amazon driver is definitely not okay,” the caption to the Reddit post reads. On TikTok, the short clip has since garnered over 100,000 views. It is not clear where or when the clip was taken from the initial post, which was shared by Kristina Danielle Zagwyn. Users were quick to speculate about the clip with many expressing their sympathy for the driver. “Tell me you had bad day without telling me y