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All you need to know about the e-Naira set to be launched on October 1

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is set to launch the eNaira on October the 1st. Let us take a closer look at the eNaira, what it means for you, and how you can position to take advantage of its launch. What is the e-Naira? The e-Naira will be a digit representative of the paper Naira currency issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria. The eNaira will be a “complementary” legal tender in Nigeria, having the same exchange value as the Naira, and maintain a “parity of value” with the Naira. The e-Naira will not earn any interest to holders. The e-Naira is built on a blockchain open ledger technology. Creating the eNaira on the blockchain means you cannot have a duplicate or fake eNaira. Each eNaira note will be unique. Is the e-Naira a Stablecoin? A stable coin is a cryptocurrency backed by reserves. The keyword is reserves, but what kind of reserves? Stable coins are backed by holding an equal equivalent of FIAT money like the US dollar. FIAT means government-issued but usually not backed

Airtel family and friends (FaF) code - how to migrate, view and change family and friends numbers

image of Airtel family and friends Do you know that Airtel has created a tariff where you can put all your favourite numbers in a list and then enjoy a discount every time you call these numbers? It is called “Airtel Family and Friends”. Airtel Family and Friends tariff (FAF) is a product service with which discounted call prices are made available and accessible for registered Airtel numbers. Among all the numerous contacts we have on our smartphones, there are actually some contacts that we call regularly. For example, you can call your family (which may include your wife and kids), your employees and friends as the case may be. These contacts consume a large portion of our airtime. How Airtel FAF Service Work The Airtel family and friend package, allows users to register 5 selected numbers to be called with lower call rates. As an Airtel subscriber, you are permitted to add only a maximum of 5 numbers in your family and friends list. Registration of numbers i

Whatsapp To Stop Working On Millions Of Phones From January 1

A new WhatsApp update will prevent the popular messaging app from working on millions of phones from 1 January 2021. Older Android and iPhone devices will no longer support the latest version of the app, forcing owners to either update their mobile operating system or buy a new smartphone. Any iPhone not running iOS 9 or newer, or any phone not running at least Android 4.0.3 – also known as Ice Cream Sandwich – will no longer be able to open or operate the Facebook-owned app. This means all iPhone models up to the iPhone 4 will be unable to support WhatsApp, as these phones are not capable of updating to iOS 9. The iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S were all released before iOS 9, however owners can still update to the operating system if they are yet to do so. Android phones that will lose WhatsApp support include the Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC Desire and LG Optimus Black. Phone owners can see what software their device is using by checking the sett

AWS Announces Four Storage Innovations

AWS re:Invent, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an company (NASDAQ: AMZN), announced four storage innovations that deliver added storage performance, resiliency, and value to customers, including: Amazon EBS io2 Block Express volumes: Next-generation storage server architecture delivers the first SAN built for the cloud, with up to 256,000 IOPS, 4,000 MB/second throughput, and 64 TB of capacity (a 4x increase across all metrics compared to standard io2 volumes), to meet the performance requirements of the most I/O intensive business critical applications (available in preview). Amazon EBS Gp3 volumes: Next-generation general purpose SSD volumes for Amazon EBS give customers the flexibility to provision additional IOPS and throughput without needing to add additional storage, while also offering higher baseline performance of 3,000 IOPS and 125 MB/second of throughput with the ability to provision up to 16,000 IOPS and 1,000 MB/second peak throughput (a 4x increase over Gp

AWS Announces Amazon HealthLake

Amazon HealthLake enables healthcare organizations to store, transform, and analyze all of their data in the cloud Cerner, Ciox Health, Konica Minolta Precision Medicine, and Orion Health among customers using Amazon HealthLake Today at AWS re:Invent, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an company (NASDAQ:AMZN) announced Amazon HealthLake, a HIPAA-eligible service for healthcare and life sciences organizations. Amazon HealthLake aggregates an organization's complete data across various silos and disparate formats into a centralized AWS data lake and automatically normalizes this information using machine learning. The service identifies each piece of clinical information, tags, and indexes events in a timeline view with standardized labels so it can be easily searched, and structures all of the data into the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) industry standard format for a complete view of the health of individual patients and entire populations. As a resu

AWS’ Eric Iverson: Cloud Innovation Advancing the Future of Media & Entertainment

Amazon Web Services (AWS) CTO of global media and entertainment vertical Eric Iverson joined Variety artisans editor Jazz Tangcay for the Variety Entertainment and Marketing Summit in October 2020, presented by City National Bank. The two discussed how media and entertainment-oriented clients of AWS are utilizing cloud computing and its flexibility in order to unite audiences with the storytellers they seek all across the globe. “Even in a year which seems like it was a challenging year for us, we’re launching services, we’re scaling services,” said Iverson. “I think a lot of people have been watching more really exciting, compelling video than ever before, and we’re able to do that because we’re able to meet that demand more quickly.” “There’s a lot of other ways that I think we are able to basically use the Cloud to be able to increase both the meeting the viewer where they are, and being able to scale to that, but also be able to create some new experiences,” he continued. Iver

DOD: Latest AWS Challenge In JEDI Cloud Contract Is ‘Prohibited’ By Law

The U.S. government on Wednesday urged the dismissal of Amazon Web Services’ amended complaint over the JEDI cloud contract, saying that what AWS is attempting to do is not permitted under legal precedent. “AWS was aware of all the facts on which it bases these allegations well prior to both the original award and prior to DoD reaffirming the award on remand,” the U.S. government said in the filing, which was filed by attorneys for the Department of Defense and Department of Justice. “Yet in both circumstances [AWS] declined to raise these allegations until after it learned that its proposal had been rejected.” [Related: Microsoft Azure Creates Top Secret Government Cloud As JEDI Battle Rages On] Bringing forward such allegations at this stage is “prohibited” based on legal precedent, the U.S. government said in the filing. AWS has repeatedly contested the outcome of the $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract award in the courts. The DOD selected AWS’ larges

Cheapest data provider in nigeria

For day to day internet work one needs data to access them. But it cost alot data to access big work in offices and home. To avoid running on high cost,you need to use network that provide cheap and fast internet connection. There is alot of telecommunication company in Nigeria that provide cheap data connection. But sometimes it became useless, because you can't use it to access anything. Airtel has proofed that they are not only cheap. But also useful. Do you know you can buy 250mb with #50 on airtel. Also you can buy 1.5gig with #300. If you don't have airtel sim card.It is right time to buy now. If you want access full list of data bundle you need. You have to dail the following numbers: *141*241#. All the options will appear ,so you can choose the plan that will suit your need

How Much Money Should A Startup Allocate To Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become one of the cornerstones of brand development and cultivating user knowledge of your existence. With so many people connected on the web, it’s easy to see why more and more businesses rely on digital marketing to boost their exposure – even more so right now during the coronavirus pandemic. The reality is that if you’re operating a startup at the moment, you’re likely working with a shoestring budget in order to stay afloat. Maybe your ‘doors’ aren’t even permitted to be open. Regardless, when considering your budget, you’ll need to allocate sufficient capital for digital content creation that will capture the attention of your target demographic.  The difficult part is figuring out just how much capital is necessary to build and maintain a solid marketing plan for your startup. Because buyer behaviour is constantly morphing in response to how the current situation develops, you need to maintain a high level of flexibility in order to react. Every dollar cou

How To Bring Digital Transformation To Marketing

Every large-scale organization today has employees separated into different teams and scattered across the business (often across geographies). Many of those people are now working from home and more disconnected than ever. If teams aren’t careful, fragmented information and disconnected processes can quickly hamper progress. According to an analysis by McKinsey, in an average workweek, employees spend 20% of their time “looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks.” That’s why it’s important for members of the organization to come together with shared tools, knowledge and processes to achieve common goals. Many organizations are turning to digital strategies to foster cross-department success in business growth and customer service — particularly now that physical sales and marketing events are off the table. While it’s true that digital transformation can have far-reaching implications across a company, marketing arguably has the most

How To Make A Career Transition Into Web Development

Over the past ten years, there has been an explosion of interest in web development, and the number of people looking to make a career transition into the field. The 2008–09 financial crisis caused millions of young adult workers to lose their jobs and rethink their entire careers from scratch. From the ashes of this crisis, web development has become the darling of the job market. An increased number of companies, small and large, have turned to the wonders of web development to disrupt or adapt to the new “web 2.0” environment. These companies know that without a web presence, their businesses are doomed to be ignored. The spike in interest in web development has led to millions of young adults thinking of it not just as a skill to learn, but as a career to adopt. But for those who have already gone through college and spent a life worth of savings to get their degree, switching their careers to web development seems like a tough proposition. If you’re in this position, the questions

How to recover your Android phone

The term “loved ones” refers to different things to different people. To some, it includes family and close friends. To others, it includes lovers, boyfriends, and girlfriends. And, to many others, it can even include favorite gadgets, such as their Android phones. Regardless of the term’s scope, no one ever wants to lose a loved one. But, accidents happen. We lose some, we win some. The loss of a beloved Android phone — either through negligence or through theft — can not only be a sad moment but also a dangerous moment, especially if you keep a lot of sensitive, personal information on your phone. So many questions can run through your head: Where is it? Did someone find it? Is it going to be returned? Has the finder accessed my files yet? What will the finder do with the data on my phone? In this guide, learn tips on how to recover your Android phone. But, more than that, learn how to safeguard your phone, set it up for easy recovery when it gets lost, and prevent your data from fal