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Startup Says It Can “Charge” an Electric Car In Under Ten Minutes

It's using a clever trick to recharge electric cars almost instantly. Ample Time San Francisco-based startup Ample has launched an electric car charging network that can provide a car with a full charge in less than ten minutes, Business Insider reports. Ample got on its feet thanks to a partnership with Uber. It’s currently in charge of charging the ride-hailing app’s fleet of cars in San Francisco. And now, seemingly, it wants to revolutionize the infrastructure of electric vehicles. Like Lego Rather than charging existing batteries, the startup is betting on battery-swapping technologies, a system likened to “Lego blocks” by CEO Khaled Hassounah. The company’s concept is entirely modular, meaning that larger vehicles can fit more battery modules, while smaller vehicles only need to swap fewer. The system is also entirely autonomous with customers only interacting with a smartphone app. Battery Swap The overall goal is to eliminate “range anxiety,” meaning consumer hesitancy caus