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How to Inte­grate Gmail in Out­look on Web and Mobile

New apps are available across popular platforms under Microsoft's new "mobile first, cloud first" strategy. Among them, Outlook shines when it comes to handling emails on the go. The good part is, it works flawlessly with other email providers like Yahoo, iCloud, and Gmail. And if you're just getting started, here's how you can integrate Gmail in Outlook on the web and mobile. The Outlook mobile and desktop apps come with a handy Focus Inbox function. It declutters your email inbox and keeps the irrelevant emails in the Other inbox. Let’s first integrate Gmail into Outlook web. Why You Should Integrate Gmail with Outlook Outlook has excellent native apps compared to Gmail’s web solution on desktop. The convenient Focused Inbox feature works with Gmail account as well. You can seamlessly switch between two email inboxes. The ability to integrate Gmail calendar on Outlook is available as well. 1. Outlook Web Microsoft has recently released the same excellent Focus i

All you need to know about the e-Naira set to be launched on October 1

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is set to launch the eNaira on October the 1st. Let us take a closer look at the eNaira, what it means for you, and how you can position to take advantage of its launch. What is the e-Naira? The e-Naira will be a digit representative of the paper Naira currency issued by the Central Bank of Nigeria. The eNaira will be a “complementary” legal tender in Nigeria, having the same exchange value as the Naira, and maintain a “parity of value” with the Naira. The e-Naira will not earn any interest to holders. The e-Naira is built on a blockchain open ledger technology. Creating the eNaira on the blockchain means you cannot have a duplicate or fake eNaira. Each eNaira note will be unique. Is the e-Naira a Stablecoin? A stable coin is a cryptocurrency backed by reserves. The keyword is reserves, but what kind of reserves? Stable coins are backed by holding an equal equivalent of FIAT money like the US dollar. FIAT means government-issued but usually not backed

In 12 Words Warren Buffett Just Gave the Best Life Advice, but It Takes Courage to Follow

 Warren Buffett. Here's why associating with folks who are better than you are at a skill will take you far in life. A new CNBC interview with billionaires Warren Buffett and his business partner, Charlie Munger, sheds light on their six decades of friendship. Buffett and Munger built Berkshire Hathaway from a single textile mill into a $650 billion powerhouse. And they've never had an argument. Why? They admire each other's strengths. Near the end of the episode, Buffett offered this advice to anyone who wants to lead a successful life or career: It's better to associate with people who are better than you are. As I've come to know many influential CEOs and entrepreneurs in my career as a communication expert, I realize just how powerful Buffett's advice is--and why it's hard for most people to follow. Here's how to start taking Buffett's advice to build the life you've always imagined. 1. Set aside your ego. This is the hardest step to take, an

7 Pieces Of Advice To Help You Rebuild In-Person Relationships

As you prepare for in-person sales meetings, networking events, and other business interactions, you might feel a little anxious. You’ve spent months quarantining and social distancing. After communicating through Zoom for so long, with funny backgrounds and interrupting pets lightening the mood, it might not seem “normal” to be back in a crowded room or formal meeting. In an effort to make your transition easier, I reached out to entrepreneurs and business leaders to learn how they’re making the adjustment. Here’s their advice: 1. Respect other people’s comfort levels. Everyone will respond differently to in-person events. Some of your team members will be excited to shake hands, hug friends, and be in the same space for the first time in forever. Others may want to maintain their distance considering new virus variants. Respecting everyone’s individual choice is the key to successful relationship-building. You should also take precautions before, during, and after in-person interacti

Who is Hallie Gnatovich?

  Hallie Gnatovich may be popular in the media as Josh Gates’ wife but she is in every way a star in her own right. Who is Hallie Gnatovich? Hallie Gnatovich is a former actress who is the current wife of Josh Gates. Gnatovich married TV presenter and paranormal researcher Josh Gates in 2014 and the marriage has produced two children. The two met way back in 2007, on the set of  Destination Truth , an American paranormal reality TV series that premiered on June 6, 2007. Hallie Gnatovich’s early life and education Hallie Gnatovich was born in Boston, United States on January 26, 1981. Hallie Gnatovich is currently 39 years old. Her parents were Rock and Stana Gnatovich. Aspiring to become an actress, Hallie Gnatovich completed her B.A in Theatre from Oberlin College llie Gnatovich did fairly well as an actress but never truly hit real success in acting. Her career interest later shifted from acting to therapy. She later gained a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and Counsell

Who is Alexis knief

  Alexis Knief   is the wife of the well-known American actor and producer Timothy Olyphant. The 50-year-old celebrity wife was born on the 1st of January 1970 in the United States of America and is a Capricorn. She was brought up in California and attended her high school there. After she finished her schooling, she joined the University of Southern California and where she met Timothy. They tied the knot in 1991 after they completed their graduation. She has three children with Timothy, namely daughters Vivian and Grace Olyphant and son Henry Olyphant. Alexis married Timothy when she was just 21 years old, and the couple now has completed 30 years of marriage. Alexis and Timothy currently reside in Westwood, LA, along with their children.  Alexis Knief early life and age The 51 years old native American has spent her childhood days in California along with her siblings. There is not much information about her early life, mainly because she caught the attention of the media after Timo